About Us

Virginia, nicknamed the Old Dominion, is sometimes also referred to as the “Mother of Presidents” because eight Virginians have gone on to become President of the United States. In fact, George Washington, a Founding Father and the nation’s first President resided in Mount Vernon, Virginia, where he had a beautiful estate. One of Washington’s passions was horticulture – he had beautiful gardens across his property where he grew fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as native plants, trees, and shrubs. Washington appreciated the simplistic beauty of natural landscaping, and undoubtedly, he loved the state’s many wildflowers.

Like George Washington, we too have a passion for gardening, landscapes, and plants native to our beloved Virginia. Wildflowers of Virginia is a group of avid Virginia gardeners who loves all things horticulture. We are especially fond of incorporating the state’s many wildflower varieties into our home gardens – from the sunny Blackeyed Susan to the aromatic Scarlet beebalm to the nectar-rich sweet Joe-Pye weed. We invite you to read through our blog which offers tips on gardening in Virginia, identifies the flora native to Virginia, and more.